Tired of hearing the “not your keys, not your coins” blame game?
Do you have real money locked up in OKEx? Take back control with ISAIDNO!
It is estimated that over 200,000 BTC, in addition to large sums of other valuable assets, are currently frozen on the defunct OKEx exchange. As customers panic, seeking answers to the dire question of “where is my money?” ISAIDNO has taken the reins on assisting concerned investors in recovering their hard earned money.

In 2014, there was the notorious MtGox hack. In 2017, BTCe users lost access to their money as the exchange operators faced criminal charges. In 2019, it was QuadrigaCX that shuttered its doors. Blockchain developers work tirelessly to improve their protocols, but so long as exchanges fail to protect their customers’ assets, the landscape for confidently engaging in crypto trading is bleak.

We are here to help. We understand first hand how frustrating this can be. You have no control, and you are left in the dark to wonder if you’ll ever see your money again. It’s not right, it’s not fair, and as such, we have taken measures to aid you in your dilemma.

We have developed a system implementing state-of-the-art decentralized technologies to provide a platform for you to end your nightmares. Our proven, trusted, stress tested system of ERC20 contracts, combined with bleeding edge liquidity pool frameworks powered by Balancer technology, has been specifically designed to be your lifebuoy in the murky waters of the current OKEx exchange saga and its frozen withdrawal system.

Read more about our service. Learn how to save your investment value from the unknown.

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